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Helpdesk Dental Sells to IT Voice

Sep 06, 2022

IT service provider IT Voice has acquired Help Desk Dental as its 12th acquisition in three years. Helpdesk Dental, a premier source for innovative dental technology products and systems, has been offering nation-wide support since 2005. They are based in Overland Park, Kansas. IT Voice is well-positioned to serve clients across the country, providing Cloud, Voice, Internet, and Managed IT services.

CEO Will Slappey’ s father started the company in 1983 and built the business on the founding principle that hiring and retaining a great team is the only way to create happy customers. This focus has continued to guide the company throughout the years.

 “Building a great team takes time but we kind of found this secret hack, where we can merge other great teams into ours, bridging decades-old relationships into a fast-growth strategy,” explains Will. “Every company we acquire excels in providing ‘hometown service’ and when you couple that with our ‘world-class technology’ approach, it creates this powerful value for our customers.”

 Every business large or small depends on its ability to communicate with customers, prospects, partners, and employees. When the computer or network system fails, the phones stop ringing, or the internet goes down, it's more than a hassle—it's a threat to the overall health of the business. IT Voice delivers the peace of mind that the IT system will remain up and running 24x7x365.

 “It’s our goal to make our clients’ lives easier and put more time back in their day. IT Voice was born out of a love for communication, connection, and care. To us, it’s never been just about the product; it’s always about the people using it,” Will says.

O'Keeffe & O'Malley represented Helpdesk Dental as the seller within the acquisition.

About IT Voice

Our mission is to build a fun and energetic company rooted in customer service and committed to creatively solving challenges by redesigning the way technology enables our customers to work, grow, and succeed. By building loyal, long-standing relationships, we’ll reinvest our success into endeavors that benefit our employees, customers, partners, and communities. Learn more at

About Help Desk Dental

Helpdesk Dental is a Carestream Dental provider for state-of-the-art dental technology, specializing in digital imaging and practice management software that enables dental and healthcare professionals to easily capture and share images, streamline their workflow, and enhance patient care.  Offering nation-wide support since 2005, Helpdesk Dental is the one-stop source for your dental technology needs. Learn more at