Selling is Confidential Business

Selling a business is something most may do once in a lifetime. Having only one shot means there’s no room for mistakes. Without professional advice and direction, business owners are often negotiating a substantial part of their net worth alone for the first time against experienced buyers. Eighty percent of all self-managed business sales fail to meet the seller’s objectives. That’s why it’s essential to enlist the assistance of an experienced firm that understands all the aspects of selling a business … one that always puts the client ahead of self-interest.

That means representing you, and only you:  the seller. We provide guidance to enable each seller to make his/her own decisions based upon the best information. Through our more than 35 years of experience and vast network of connections – in Kansas City and beyond, we’re able to confidentially find prospective buyers both nationally and internationally.

Depending on variable factors such as size, location, industry, value, seller timeline and type of business, we can customize the business-selling process just for you. This could include:

  • Confidential conversations and meetings
  • Valuation discussions
  • Discussing exit plans and business enhancement
  • Conducting pre-due diligence
  • Preparing offering memorandums and selling marketing plans
  • Executing the marketing plan locally, nationally or worldwide
  • Locating buyers and the signing of confidentiality agreements
  • Screening and qualifying buyers
  • Managing seller and buyer discussions
  • Strategizing response to buyers’ letters of intent
  • Negotiating price and terms toward sellers preference
  • Assisting in purchasing contract discussions
  • Helping buyers secure financing
  • Conducting buyers’ due diligence in agreed order
  • Closing
  • Transitioning the seller out of the business