Business Valuations

Whether you’re selling a business, buying a business, or need to know its worth for any reason, an objective, professionally-prepared business valuation is essential to meeting your goals. At O’Keeffe & O’Malley, you’ll discover we’re not only experienced and credentialed in business valuations, we’re involved in the market of selling business and know what they’re selling for in your industry. That’s the benefit of hiring a business appraiser that also sells businesses.
Here, we use a comprehensive approach to valuing businesses and business interests. We perform an in-depth analysis of your business and apply recognized valuation techniques and relevant market data to prepare an accurate and defensible business valuation report. Our market experience, combined with our deep understanding of valuation theory and recognized valuation methods will give you an accurate and supportable valuation.

Our centrally located, Kansas City office provides a full range of business valuation services for companies all over, including:

Estate/gift tax business valuation needs:

  • Estate tax returns
  • Gifting of closely held stock and partnership/LLC interests
  • Family limited partnership and limited liability company valuations
  • Creation of non-voting stock in S-corporations for gifting purposes
  • Stock options held by estates
  • Blockage issues related to publicly traded shares held by estates or for gift or estate planning
  • Preferred stock recapitalizations
  • Restricted public stock held by estates

Other tax related business valuation needs:

  • Charitable contributions of closely-held stock
  • Compensation in the form of stock or options
  • Conversion of C-corporation to subchapter-S corporation status

Disputes and litigation-related business valuation needs:

  • Divorce
  • Court appointed valuations in disputes
  • Minority shareholder disputes
  • Economic damage determinations
  • Review of business valuation reports prepared by opposing expert

Merger and acquisition and transaction-related business valuation needs:

  • Purchase or sale of closely held business or business interests
  • Allocation of the purchase price among the assets acquired
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
  • Management buyouts
  • Leveraged buyout transactions
  • Bank financing
  • Valuation for spin-offs

Other business valuation needs:

  • Valuation of stock options
  • Valuation for phantom stock plans
  • Valuation of complex capital structures of debt, equity and preferred stock
  • Shareholder value enhancement planning
  • Buy-sell and shareholder agreements
  • Business valuation for life insurance planning and funding