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Preparing for Exit

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Preparing for Exit

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Business owners choose to sell for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Age or retirement
  • Current economic climate
  • Value has been reached
  • Poor health
  • To pursue a new opportunity or passion
  • Death or disability
  • Divorce
  • To diversify one’s net worth
  • To eliminate business risks
  • Need of growth capital
  • Revenues and earnings have peaked
  • Business is failing

With proper planning, preparing to sell a business can greatly increase its value. Current market conditions, interest rates, tax rates, and other factors must be considered prior to an exit.

Many business owners operate their business in order to minimize taxes, but shifting the focus to maximize revenues can greatly increase the value. The results of shifting that focus will far outweigh any additional taxes. Planning ahead for an exit allows the owner to leave with more money and on their own terms and time frame.

Scenario Exit Planning℠ is a consultative service O’Keeffe & O’Malley offers to business owners to assist them through the many unknowns that lie ahead for a company’s business environment and the owners or key management of a business. Our Scenario Exit Planning℠ provides a multitude of possible roadmaps that identify many “what-if” situations (positive or negative) that a company can plan for by putting major contingencies in place so that a plan can be implemented quickly if needed. Proactive Scenario Exit Planning℠ can enhance the value of a business prior to selling and save significant time and money.

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