Strategic Investment in Kansas City Analytics Company - O'Keeffe and O'Malley

Strategic Investment in Kansas City Analytics Company

Mar 02, 2015

A strategic investment was made in Alight Analytics headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, by Promotion Fulfillment Center, headquartered in Camanche, Iowa on February 5, 2015.

Alight is a pioneer in the marketing analytics industry. ChannelMix, Alight's data aggregation platform, automatically integrates online marketing data, offline marketing data, sales data and all other relevant marketing performance metrics to solve the ever-increasing challenge of siloed, disconnected marketing systems. Brands appreciate the flexibility of the ChannelMix Feed product, allowing their aggregated data to be fed to them and stored in-house. ChannelMix Self Service is perfect for agencies, providing a scalable and cost-effective data aggregation and reporting solution. For anyone seeking a more consultative approach, ChannelMix Full Service includes web analytics management, custom reporting, strategic services, analysis, modeling and training.  

For over 40 years Promotion Fulfillment Center has given leading brands an advantage over their competition by providing superior promotion and logistics services that deliver results. The company does this by gaining a complete understanding of each client's program requirements and goals and presenting a customized solution that has historically saved brands upwards of 30 percent on their operational costs.


Alight was advised by Sloan Short and Mike O'Malley , merger and acquisition specialists in Overland Park, KS. Terms of the investment were not made public.​