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SnapIT Solutions Acquires A.S.K. Associates

Jun 01, 2021

SnapIT Solutions is scaling once again, announcing the acquisition of a Lawrence-based tech company with a more-than-40-year legacy. 

The Overland Park-based solutions and training company formally completed its purchase of A.S.K. Associates(of Lawrence,KS) last month, signaling a path of steady and continued growth for SnapIT and the end of an era for the acquired company and its founding team; now headed into retirement.

Sheila Martinez, A.S.K. Associates, and Neelima Parasker, SnapIT Solutions

“We needed the right company, equipped with unparalleled dedication and [the] ability to deliver for our clients — locally and nationally,” explained Dr. Sheila Martinez, A.S.K co-founder and CEO.

“SnapIT is the ideal company to continue our legacy of superior service for our clients.”

Terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed, but its impact is expected to carry significance. SnapIT plans to retain the entire A.S.K. team (more than 20 people) and is set to expand its customer base to include federal and state governments, the company said in a release, highlighting ways the acquisition could prepare the startup for national scale. 

“This expansion enables SnapIT to further advance its computer programming, training services and solutions, to help solve the IT workforce shortage, and create more technology talent training across multiple states within the U.S.,” SnapIT said, noting A.S.K. holds blanket purchase agreements with the U.S. Departments of Education and Commerce. 

The company has also been awarded a State of Kansas I.T. contract, which supports the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Agriculture. 

Neelima Parasker, SnapIT Solutions

“This acquisition creates an opportunity for our state and federal government customers to reap the benefits of a diverse IT workforce, championing its rippling benefits, resulting in a win-win [for all],” said Neelima Parasker, SnapIT founder and CEO. 

“SnapIT is now further equipped to leverage its enhanced collective buying power and pass on to its clients the value in the form of reduced costs or additional concessions.”

Parasker believes the merger will better position SnapIT to reach its goal of providing access to training and job opportunities for youth and members of diverse communities, she added, noting both companies are certified women’s business enterprises (WBE’s) and helmed by minority founders. 

“SnapIT aspires to welcome and embrace thousands more students this next year through its proprietary and patent-pending regenerative workforce model, SnapIT SPRNT,” she explained. 

For more information, please visit the SnapIT website.