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SkillPath Makes Acquisition

Apr 01, 2015

Mission, KS-based SkillPath, a division of Graceland University, said Tuesday that it has acquired National Seminars Training from Kansas City’s Rockhurst University.

SkillPath, a $53 million company with 165 employees, sought out National Seminars, a $35 million company with 96 employees, according to SkillPath chief executive Jack Cave.

“We’ve been interested in them for many years,” Cave said. “By owning your competitor, you don’t have to compete against them anymore.”

The Rev. Thomas Curran, president of Rockhurst University, said the school was “delighted to see the National management team and employees join with SkillPath to form what we see as a very good business opportunity for everyone.”

Cave said the combination of SkillPath and National will expand their portfolio of seminars, melding the specialties of both. They offer a range of management, leadership, computer, time management and other “soft skills” training.

The acquisition will involve some reduction in staff, Cave said, but details still are being worked out. SkillPath owns its building in Mission, KS, and ultimately will house National’s operations as well.

SkillPath intends to keep using the National brand name. SkillPath became a part of Graceland University’s continuing education division in 1995.

The terms of the sale were not disclosed.