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SETWorks Acquires EDoc

Jul 12, 2022

SETWorks, an established provider of software for the disability service industry, announced its acquisition of EDoc, the leading electronic documentation platform for Iowa intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) service agencies. SETWorks purchased EDoc from Imagine the Possibilities, an Iowa I/DD service provider.

Over 50 Iowa providers serving 5,100 individuals use EDoc to manage individual records, documentation, and billing. With this acquisition, SETWorks becomes the largest I/DD software provider in Iowa. The deal brings SETWorks' modern, disability service management platform and industry expertise to Iowa providers of all sizes.

SETWorks' acquisition of Iowa EDoc positions data management platform as state's largest I/DD software provider

"SETWorks invests in every state we serve to ensure our system works well for providers," said SETWorks Co-CEO David Lindell. "We've already made significant investments in the state of Iowa, and with this acquisition, we gain a great partner and opportunity to make an even larger impact in Iowa."

"We're excited for the fruits of our labor to provide a top-of-the-line solution for Iowa providers, and  seamlessly onboard so many organizations," said SETWorks Co-CEO Henri McCracken. "We aspire to become the de-facto solution for Iowa."

Together, SETWorks and Imagine the Possibilities will transform service delivery by providing I/DD agencies with data insights and solutions needed for today's challenges.

"Post-pandemic, providers must do more with less," said Tiffany Higgins, COO of Imagine the Possibilities. "Iowa providers need a flexible, easy to use platform so less time is spent documenting and more time is spent providing quality services — and SETWorks provides that."

"SETWorks shares our values and vision, and is committed to taking care of EDoc customers," said Imagine the Possibilities CEO Todd Seifert. "Partnering with SETWorks allows us  to focus on our core mission, while accomplishing our goal of modernizing data management for EDoc customers."

EDoc will be retired over the next 12 months with customers having the option to switch to SETWorks. SETWorks and Imagine the Possibilities communicated these changes to EDoc customers before publicly announcing the acquisition.

SETWorks has longstanding relationships with the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS), Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME), and Iowa Association of Community Providers (IACP). Through these relationships SETWorks will continue to adapt the SETWorks platform to serve and empower Iowa providers.

About SETWorks

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