Summary of Recent Transactions

Announcements of M&A Activity in the Kansas City Area

The Kansas City area companies involved in the transaction are shown in bold. For more details on a transaction, click the green link below or see the blog on the home page. Some Buyers acquired only a stake in the Seller.

*Some revenues, employees and selling prices are estimates or data is taken from other sources.

**Announcement date may be the date of the closing, the letter of intent, or the announcement date.

Seller Buyer Revenues/ Employees* Selling Price* Date Announced**
 New Columbia Distillers MGP Ingredients n/a n/a 3/3/2020
Ulmer Equipment Co. Mead O’Brien Inc.  n/a n/a 3/3/2020
Tallman Co.
n/a n/a 3/2/2020
Dean Foods Dairy Farmers of America $13.6B $425M 2/18/2020
Dabarc Systems
Data Migration Resources $50M/200ee n/a 2/9/2020
Skelly and Loy
Terracon 5000ee n/a 2/7/2020
North Bend Ace Hardware Westlake Ace Hardware
n/a n/a 2/5/2020
Resources Investment Advisors
OneDigital $26M/60ee n/a 2/4/2020
Highwater Wealth
Frontier Wealth Management
$2.2B n/a 2/1/2020
Hopkins Appraisal Newmark Group 40ee n/a 1/15/2020
ASE Group Bishop McCann 50ee n/a 1/14/2020
O’Donnell & Sons Construction Co
Superior Bowen n/a n/a 12/31/2019
Cobb Refrigeration
Temp-Con 125ee n/a 12/13/2019
CompAlliance LLC
Mitchell | Genex
125ee n/a 12/4/2019
Torotel, Inc.
Standex  International  Corporation
$24M/174ee $48M 12/3/2019
Voortman Cookies Hostess Brands n/a $320M 12/3/2019
Haggarty Ace Hardware Westlake Ace Hardware 530ee n/a 11/19/2019
Thomas McGee Group Risk Strategies $200M/94ee n/a 11/19/2019
Banner Solutions Tailwind Capital n/a n/a 11/14/2019
Yotabites PK 35ee n/a 11/11/209
Timberlake Engineering Custom Engineering  $3.6M b/a 11/5/2019
Magna-Plus Stouse n/a n/a 11/4/2019
Gray Plant Mooty Lathrop Gage
240ee n/a 10/31/2019
Pacific Mutual Door Company Hardwoods Distribution Inc. n/a $34.5M 10/30/2019
Textured Coatings of America Tnemec Co. n/a n/a 10/25/2019
Castle Creations Pivot International 35ee n/a 10/25/2019
Team Drive – Away United Road $43M/45ee n/a 10/21/2019
Bank of the Prairie Country Club Bank $1/4B n/a 10/17/2019
Priority Vendor C2FO 350ee n/a 10/10/2019
ClearCare WellSky n/a n/a 10/8/2019
Great Range Capital Sterling Investment Partners
n/a n/a 9/6/2019
Lockpath Inc.
NAVEX Global
85ee n/a 8/6/2019
Truss Hub International Limited n/a n/a 8/6/2019
Douglas Pump Service  C & B Equipment  n/a n/a 7/1/2019
Practice Insight eSolutions n/a n/a 6/19/2019
Wave Financial H&R Block $3.16B $405M 6/11/2019
DaVinci Roofscapes 
Royal Building Products
100ee n/a 6/10/2019
Environmental Services, Inc. and Geotechnical & Environmental Consultants, Inc
Terracon 4,500ee n/a 6/4/2019
KCB Bank Academy Bank $4.4M/60ee n/a 6/3/2019
Decision Insight TABS Analytics 30ee n/a 5/7/2019
Summit Bank
Citizens Bank & Trust
n/a n/a 5/8/19
McBee Netsmart 1,700ee n/a 5/2/19
Custom Truck One Source Load King n/a n/a 4/25/19
Aratana Therapeutics
Elanco Animal Health $35.4M $245M 4/26/19
Engage Mobile Solutions Artisan Technology Group 39ee n/a 4/25/19
Digital Spring MMGY Global
425ee n/a 4/10/19
Central Bancompany Liberty Bancorp
$2.3B/34-ee $103.7M 4/10/19
Western Roofing Company Western Specialty Contractors n/a n/a 3/21/19
Central Packaging B2B Industrial Packaging
45ee n/a 3/15/19
Motion Envelope Tension Corporation n/a n/a 3/7/19
Mid-America Fittings Wynnchurch Capital 
n/a n/a 2/28/19
Health Care Software Inc.
WellSky n/a n/a 2/26/19
The Johnston Group Creative Planning  $35B/600ee n/a 2/25/19
Tacx Garmin $3.01B/10,000ee n/a 2/12/19
Bank of Blue Valley Morrill & Janes Bank And Trust $725M $93.9M 1/16/19
ProfessionalChats Ruby Receptionists
130ee n/a 1/8/19
St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates, Inc.
Terracon 4000ee n/a 1/3/19
Swiss-Tech LLC. Berks Group n/a n/a 12/31/2018
Nell Hill’s Corporation Clay Platte Venture Group LLC
60ee n/a 12/28/18
Digital Evolution Group
Dentsu Aegis Network
$46M/319ee $150M 12/18/18
Consolo Services Group
$260M/1,100ee n/a 12/14/18
Innovative Fullfillment Solutions Symbia Logistics 33ee n/a 12/11/18
Gwin’s Travel Acendas Travel n/a n/a 12/11/18
Patriot Wealth Management Mariner Wealth Advisors 500ee n/a 11/13/18
NGL Water Solutions Bakken
Tallgrass Energy
n/a $91M 11/12/18
Great Range Capital Cott Corp $10M+ $78.5M 10/17/18
Lansing Trading Group  The Andersons $4.8B/550ee $305M 10/15/18
American Detection Specialists
Atronic Alarms n/a n/a 10/8/18
HSMC Orizon BerganKDV 45ee n/a 10/2/18
Ameri-Pac Wilbur-Ellis Feed $42.8M/40ee n/a 10/4/18
Facility Services Group Warehouse of Fixtures $9M/12ee n/a 9/18/18
PhytoTechnology Laboratories, LLC CalibreScientific $4.1M/56ee n/a 9/11/18
ProPharma Group
1,000ee n/a 8/31/18
Flight Plan  Garmin 3B/10,000+ee n/a 8/30/18
Goettl Air Conditioning
Baum Capital Partners n/a n/a 8/28/18
Indigo Wild, LLC.  Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc.
n/a n/a 8/16/18
Mortgage Lenders of America LLC. Zillow Group Inc.
$54.1M/300ee n/a 8/6/18
BlueStrata EHR Mediware Information Systems Inc. 830ee n/a 8/1/18
Compdata Surveys & Consulting n/a n/a 7/31/18
Laminate Works Dallas LLC. Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces $18.6M/45ee n/a 7/20/18
Xendo Holding B.V.
ProPharma Group 1,000ee n/a 7/16/18
LandaJob  Mark Perrin n/a n/a 6/1/2018
Cartesian Holdings Inc.  Blackstreet Capital Management LLC  228ee  $3.8M  6/29/2018
Useagility LLC  First Tek Inc. n/a  n/a 7/11/2018
Premier Barrier Management Fire Door Solutions $17M/85ee n/a 7/11/2018
James Printing Modern Litho $8M n/a 7/12/2018
 Fazzi Associates Mediware Information Systems 830ee  n/a 7/12/2018
Mid-America Precision Products TGP Investments 105ee $17M 6/12/18
Gift Card Impression InComm 40ee $12M 6/5/18
GBH Communications SKC Communication Products 50ee $22M 6/4/18
Grange Mutual Casualty Kansas City Life Insurance Co n/a $77M 6/4/18
Lumeta FireMon 200ee n/a 5/29/18
Haystax Technology Fishtech Group 68ee n/a 5/21/18
HiSonic Inc.  Gowanda Components Group 43ee n/a 5/22/18
Bartlett & Company Savage Companies 760ee n/a 5/16/18
CPI Automation & Control Solutions Barr-Thorp Electric Co. Inc. 70ee n/a 4/18/18
Colin Electric Motor Service Co. Inc.  JCI Industries Inc. 161ee  n/a 5/1/18
Capital City Bank Capitol Federal Financial, Inc.  $433M/810ee $37.5M 4/30/18
Sprint T-Mobile $33B/28,000ee  n/a 4/29/18
Drive Train Industries Inland Truck Parts Company $44M/135ee n/a 4/25/18
NPC International Inc. Unknown $998.8M/36,500ee n/a 4/24/18
RTM Engineering Consultants Malone Finkle Eckhardt & Collins  $6.3M/135ee n/a 4/18/18
Original Juan Specialty Foods Spicin Foods Inc. $10M/70ee  n/a 4/13/18
 sys-tek  Twining, Inc. n/a n/a 4/11/18
 WideBlue  Pivot International 400ee n/a 4/10/18
Change Healthcare  Netsmart 1500ee n/a 4/7/18
Shafer, Kline & Warren Inc.   McClure Engineering Co. n/a n/a 4/6/18
Connect Hearing Inc. American Hearing + Audiology LLC 35ee n/a 4/3/18
Temp-Con, Inc Caymus Equity Partners, LLC. 96ee  n/a 3/28/18
Door Control Services DH Pace Co. $49M,302ee n/a 3/6/18
Associates Solutions High Touch Technologies 14ee n/a 3/1/18
Benefits By Design RPS Benefits n/a n/a 2/21/18
Installation & Service Technologies Skinny IT $16M/150ee n/a 2/14/18
Dollins Tool Mold & Robotics Group $6.5M/33ee n/a 2/10/18
UMB Financial Corp Division Marquette Asset Management n/a n/a 2/2/18
HomeCare Accounting Solutions Netsmart 11e n/a 2/1/18
WANRack Grain Management n/a n/a 1/31/18
Quality Importers Trading Co. n/a n/a 1/31/18
MEDTranDirect Mediware Information Systems
n/a n/a 1/25/18
BankLiberty Lawson Bank n/a n/a 1/16/18
DST Systems SS&C Technologies Holdings $2.3B/14,400e $5.4B 1/11/18
Verrow Pharmaceuticals Ligand Pharmaceuticals n/a n/a 1/11/18
Blue Ocean Consulting MarksNelson CPA 22e n/a 1/9/18
Ascende Wealth Advisers Qualified Plan Advisors n/a n/a 1/9/18
Safe Fleet Holdings Oak Hill Capital Partners 1,200e n/a 1/9/18
 Engineered Concepts  Terracon Consultants  10e n/a  1/5/18
Bark to Basics Animal Supply Co. 30e n/a 1/4/18
Alexander Open Systems (AOS) ConvergeOne $239M/103e n/a 12/18/17
Occupational Testing Group
Examinetics n/a n/a 12/7/17
Moku Collective DEG n/a n/a 11/2/17
Xenometrics Citoxlab Group n/a n/a 10/31/17
Navionics Garmin Ltd. 350e n/a 10/27/17
Bob Hamilton Plumbing American Residential Services n/a n/a 10/25/17
COBAN Technologies Safe Fleet $22M/80e n/a 10/23/17
Ruth Burke & Associates Walz Tetrick Advertising 20e n/a 10/19/17
Ash Grove Cement CRH plc $964M/2600e $3.5B 9/20/17
Rockfish Digital VML 250e n/a 9/8/17
Electronic Design & Manufacturing Pivot International 35e n/a 9/7/17
Community Buying Group Think Realty Div of Affinity Worldwide n/a n/a 9/4/17
Ranch Fiberglass, ATC Truck, Jason LTA Manufacturing n/a n/a 8/31/17
Triple-I MegaForce 35e n/a 8/28/17
Unitherm Food Systems Marlen International $14M/50e n/a 8/22/17
Meers Advertising Barkley 27e n/a 8/21/17
RemitDATA eSolutions n/a n/a 8/18/17
USA800 The Results Companies LLC $45M/1500e n/a 8/18/17
Atlas Labels & Packaging ALP Holdings n/a n/a 8/8/17
We Are IT The Purple Guys n/a n/a 8/1/17
Burns Printing NextPage $4.5M/23e n/a 7/21/17
Dente Engineering Terracon Consulting 21e n/a 7/6/17
Technology Solutions Group SKC Communication Products n/a n/a 6/30/17
Manchester Bag Company Material Motion n/a n/a 6/26/17
Peoples Bank National Bank Holdings n/a $143M 6/26/17
Earth Exploration, Inc. Terracon Consultants $4.5m/42e n/a 6/2/17
Merit Packaging R.V. Evans Company $6.3m/11e n/a 5/19/17
St. Francis Health KU Health System $262m/1700e n/a 5/4/17
Premier Knowledge Solutions Centriq Training $1.9m/19e n/a 5/2/17
Avatar Engineering Pivot International $4m/18e n/a 5/2/17
We Do Commerce DEG n/a n/a 4/13/17
Nordic Cinema Group AMC Entertainment $350m/1147e $652m 3/29/17
Midwest Perinatal Associates MEDNAX, Inc. $1.9m/9e n/a 3/13/17
Provant Health Solutions Hooper Holmes n/a merger 3/8/17
Sega Inc. Power, Inc. 130e n/a 2/24/17
Midwest Wholesale Hardware High Road Capital Partners n/a n/a 2/23/17
Universal Printing Henry Wurst, Inc. $40M n/a 2/13/17
RBI Cable One $1.6m/20e $735m 1/18/17
Nordic Cinema Group AMC 1147e $929m 1/23/17
Hint DEG n/a n/a 1/18/17
All Seasons Event Rental M&M Event Rentals $14m/105e n/a 1/17/17
Surgical Care Affiliates Optum $1.1b/5200e $2.3b 1/10/17
PPM NORCAL Group $25m/26ee n/a 1/4/17
Mediware Information Systems TPG Capital $64m/318ee n/a 12/21/16
Brilliant Impressions Partners N Promotion n/a n/a 12/19/16
Community Bancshares of Kansas Dickinson Financial Corporation $484k/5ee n/a 12/19/16 Web Services Contegix $620k/7ee n/a 12/13/16
AZCO, Inc. Burns & McDonnell n/a n/a 12/8/16
CHJ Consultants Terracon 55ee n/a 12/7/16
Optiv Security KKR $1.86b; 1550ee n/a 12/6/16
Top Master Clio Holdings $20m; 260ee n/a 11/28/16
Missouri Bank & Trust Company BOK Financial Corp $22m; 30ee n/a 11/16/616
Carmike Cinemas AMC Entertainment $804m; 8500ee $1.2b 11/15/16
Momenta DLR Group 84ee n/a 11/7/16
Summit Custom Homes Clayton Properties $86m; 54ee n/a 11/1/16
HealthMEDX Netsmart Technologies $27m; 180ee n/a 10/27/16
ProPharma Group Linden Capital Partners $26m; 90ee n/a 10/27/16
B/E Aerospace Rockwell Collins $275b; 10,000ee $8.3b 10/24/16
Silpada Designs Richline, Inc. $164k; 3ee n/a 10/22/16
Prairie State Bank Equity Bancshares Inc. $6m; 14ee $25.5m 10/21/16
Learfield Communications Inc. Atairos Group, Inc. $200m; 465ee n/a 10/11/16
YourCash Ltd. Euronet Worldwide, Inc. $30m; 90ee n/a 10/11/16
Edina Travel Acendas Travel n/a n/a 10/3/16
SB&A Integrated Marketing & Brooks Adams Research GlynnDevins n/a n/a 9/27/16
Bats Global Markets, Inc. CBOE Holdings $926.6m; 286ee n/a 9/26/16
English Boiler & Tube Superior Holding Inc. n/a n/a 9/16/16
Erickson Scherff LLC Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC 44ee merger 9/13/16
EyeVerify, Inc. Ant Financial Services $3.18m; 40ee n/a 9/13/16
Produquimica Industria Compass Minerals $92.2m; 1072ee $350m 8/12/16
Javelin SEF, LLC Bats Global Markets n/a n/a 8/12/16
Helix Architecture + Design Blackbird Design Studio n/a merger 8/9/16
Sun Belt Inc. Belt Power LLC n/a n/a 8/8/16
Assoc. Wholesale Grocers Affiliated Foods Midwest n/a merger 7/29/16
Beyond the Scores SportsEngine $600k; 6ee n/a 7/29/16
Shick Solutions Breteche Industrie Group n/a n/a 7/29/16
Epiq Systems, Inc. OMERS Private Equity $544m; 148ee $1.0b 7/27/16
AV Plus Design The Sextant Group $117k; 1ee n/a 7/21/16
Odeon & UCI AMC Theatres $266m; 3,045 $650m 7/12/16
K.K. Shifflet & Assoc. MMGY Global $2m; 20ee n/a 7/5/16
Selph’s Propane Ferrellgas Partners L.P. n/a n/a 6/15/16
NACC (Div. of DST) Broadridge Financial 2,300ee $410m 6/14/16
Superior Cake Products Hostess Brands $12m; 30ee n/a 6/13/16
DuPont Fabros Technology QTS Realty Trust $452m; 32ee $125m 6/7/16
FleetMind Solutions Safe Fleet $4.5m; 35ee n/a 6/6/16
Westar Energy, Inc. Great Plains Energy $2.5b; 2,300ee $8.6b 5/31/16
IdentityMine Valorem Consulting $7m; 42ee n/a 5/26/16
Rear View Safety Safe Fleet $832k; 6ee n/a 5/20/16
Outland Consultants Lockton $180k; 7ee n/a 5/19/16
Lutjen, Inc. Olssen Associates $6.5m; 52ee n/a 5/16/16
eNSYNC DSI $5m; 35ee n/a 4/18/16
Cactus Software symplr n/a merger 4/5/16 Bats Global Markets n/a n/a 3/30/16
GoReact Five Elms Capital $500k; 6ee $4m 3/29/16
Ad Trends Advertising Custom Specialties LLC $10m combined merger 3/14/16
Carmike Cinemas AMC Theaters $690m; 7,800ee $1.1b 3/4/16
DigiTron Technologies Pivot International n/a n/a 3/3/16
Blue Chip Partners NueHealth $426k; 4ee n/a 3/2/16
Heatron, Inc. NIBE Industrier AB $133m; 275ee n/a 3/1/16
Ensure Billing ABPathfinder Inc. $240k; 2ee n/a 3/1/16
Aviation Solutions Marsh & McLennan n/a n/a 3/1/16
Adaptive Software Decision Resource Group n/a n/a 2/29/16
DeLorme Garmin Ltd. $1.33m; 135ee n/a 2/11/16
IronKey DataLocker $94k; 2ee n/a 2/8/16
Mid-Continent Custom Electronics Pivot International $4.3m; 25ee n/a 2/3/16
Building Exterior Solutions Terracon $2.2m; 11ee n/a 2/3/16
Laboratorios Brovel Dechra Veterinary Products 70ee n/a 1/21/16
Xact Data Clearview Capital Partners $98m; 300ee n/a 1/20/16
Cosentry TierPoint LLC $41m; 125ee n/a 1/20/16
AgriLogic Insurance Aspen Insurance Holdings $4.9m; 24ee n/a 1/20/16
Nodal Industries Luma n/a n/a 1/20/16
HSB Marketing
DEG $121k; 1ee n/a 1/14/16
Bessenbacher Co. Andersen, Randall & Richards n/a merger 1/7/16
DIT-MCO International Capital for Business & Sage Capital $29m; 70ee n/a 1/7/16
AMP PSI Services $30m; 170ee n/a 1/5/16
B.E. Smith AMN Healthcare Solutions $33m; 271ee $160m 1/5/16
Kaufman Rossin Fund ALPS Holdings, Inc. $26m $95m 12/29/15
Financial Security Advisors Petrovic Financial Services $108k n/a 12/28/15
Fitness First Combat Brands n/a n/a 12/28/15
MotoFuze LLC AutoAlert $.37m n/a 12/22/15
Produquimica Industria e Comercio S.A. Compass Minerals  $306m; 1,400ee $120.7m 12/17/15
Tier3 MDL Technology 12ee $210k 12/8/15
Allshore Virtual Staffing Condado Group, Inc. 100ee n/a 12/1/15
Cottonwood Group CBIZ, Inc $1.1m; 16ee n/a 12/1/15
AxelaCare Health OptumRx $54.7m; 80ee n/a 11/17/15
Kansas City Vascular Vascular Surgery Assoc. 46ee merger 11/17/15
Marsh & Company MarksNelson 17ee n/a 11/16/15
Remtec, Inc. LTI $7m; 46ee n/a 11/12/15
Broker’s Gin Ltd. McCormick Distilling Co 5ee n/a 11/11/15
Houlihan’s Restaurants York Capital Management $195m; 4,200ee n/a 11/9/15
GlobalHealth Keypath Education n/a n/a 11/5/15
BSC Holding, Inc. Kissner Group Holdings n/a n/a 10/28/15
Kuhn & Wittenborn Trozzolo Communications $7m; 20ee n/a 10/23/15
Lavender & Wyatt Systems Netsmart Technologies $8.8m n/a 10/22/15
 CARSTAR Driven Brands 4,000ee n/a 10/22/15
We Are Cloud SAS/BIME Analytics Zendesk 40ee $45m 10/21/15
Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Bedeschi S.P.A. $26m; 110ee n/a 9/25/15
Sagacious Consultants Accenture $8.8m; 250ee n/a 9/23/15
A&E Custom Mfg. Bennett Tool & Die $10m n/a 9/9/15
KCTV & KSMO-TV Media General n/a $2.4b 9/9/15
Trend Consulting Services Netsmart Technologies $4.4m; 33ee n/a 9/8/15
Connect Health Solutions MedTrack Services n/a n/a 9/2/15
H&R Block Bank Bofl Federal Bank n/a n/a 8/4/15
KFC Franchises KBP Foods LLC n/a n/a 8/4/15
Cline Woods Agency Marsh & McLennan Cos. $15m; 73ee n/a 8/3/15
BlockMaster AB DataLocker 7ee n/a 7/15/15
Starplex Cinemans AMC Entertainment Inc. $18.8m; 225ee $172m 7/14/15
Wealth Management Systems, Inc. DST Systems n/a $64m 7/9/15
Visionpace-IT RESULTS Technology n/a merger 7/6/15
Propane Advantage Ferrellgas Partners n/a n/a 7/6/15
Kendallwood Hospice Hospice Partners of America 26ee n/a 7/6/15
NorthCare Hospice Kansas City Hospice n/a n/a 7/1/15
Spiral16 emfluence n/a n/a 6/25/15
GlynnDevins Falfurrias Capital Partners $35m n/a 6/25/15
Catapult International Mercator $4.5m; 47ee n/a 6/24/15
AQS Environmental Terracon $570k; 7ee n/a 6/4/15
EZtax, Inc. Avalara, Inc. n/a n/a 6/2/15
Heartland Financial Valley Bank $7b combined assets merger 6/1/15
Jump Studios Populous n/a n/a 6/1/15
Codero BLM Acquisition Corp $2.1m n/a 6/1/15
Salient Salva O’Renick n/a interest acquired 6/1/15
Bridger Logistics Ferrellgas Partners n/a $837.5m 6/1/15
Custom Brokerage Cos Scarbrough International n/a n/a 5/21/15
Billy Goat Industries Briggs & Stratton $30m $26m 5/20/15
PROSAR ProPharma Group n/a n/a 5/13/15
Brown Restoration & Remodeling Phoenix Renovation & Restoration $1.4m; 13ee n/a 5/11/15
Carpathia Hosting QTS Realty Trust $19m; 142ee $326m 5/6/15
GasMart USA Travel Centers of America n/a $27m 5/6/15
Foley Company Enerfab Power & Industrial 250ee n/a 5/4/15
Print Big Solutions NextPage n/a n/a 4/29/15
First Federal Bank Inter-State Federal Savings & Loan $650m combined assets merger 4/29/15
Turner Hardware Westlake Ace Hardware $1.9m n/a 5/17/15
Iris Data Services Epiq Systems, Inc $38m $134m 4/8/15
National Seminars Training SkillPath $35m; 96ee n/a 4/1/15
Watkins Hardware Westlake Hardware n/a n/a 3/30/15
Kofax Lexmark International $290m; 1,500ee $1b 3/24/15
ABVR VCA n/a $21m 3/19/15
RareWire DSI $880k; 13ee n/a 3/10/15
OrgSync iModules $1.2m; 14ee n/a 3/3/15
Alight Analytics Performance Fulfillment Center 20ee Strategic Investment       2/5/15
Safe Fleet Elkhart Brass 17ee n/a 2/26/15
Netchemia LLC PeopleAdmin Inc 120ee n/a 2/24/15
Stuart Woodbury The Mutual Fund Store $350k; 4ee n/a 2/9/15
Creative Courseware Individuals $390k; 5ee n/a 2/9/15
Avinode AB Multi Service Technology Solutions $8.4m n/a 2/6/15
Siemens Health Services Cerner Corporation $1.2b; 6,000ee $1.5b 2/2/15
KCG Hotspot FX BATS Global Markets n/a $365m 1/28/15
Schloss Engineered Equipment Smith & Loveless Inc $540k; 5ee n/a 1/27/15
CRM/Point Precision Professionals $3m after merger merger 1/21/15
Front Flip LLC Shoutz $150k; 34ee n/a 1/15/15
Brockton Creative Group Kinetic Supply Co $76k; 10ee n/a 1/14/15
kasina LLC DST Systems Inc $1.9m; 15ee n/a 1/6/15
Vantage Investment Advisors LLC Mariner Wealth Advisors $1b; 14ee n/a 1/6/15
HMS Healthcare Management Solutions The Corridor Group $3.6m; 50ee n/a 1/6/15
Ambient Healthcare AxelaCare Health Solutions $11.4m; 63ee n/a 1/5/15
Maisch Small Engine Repair Ryan Lawn & Tree n/a n/a 12/18/14
Cush Capital Two West Advisors n/a merger 12/18/14
Marquette Financial Cos UMB Financial Corp. $1.3b $182.5m 12/15/14
Boutique Window Retail Success n/a n/a 12/15/14
Newco Manufacturing, Inc Muncy Industries n/a n/a 12/10/14
NuRoo Brownmed Inc 10ee n/a 12/10/14
Texas Air Composites Aviation Technical Services 100ee n/a 12/9/14
Callaway Community Hospital Nueterra n/a $6m 12/5/14
SeaFire Insurance Victor O. Schinnerer & Co. n/a n/a 12/5/14
Entire Computer Solutions High Touch $2.8m; 17ee n/a 12/4/14
DST Global Solutions SS&C Technologies $79m; 690ee $95m 12/2/14
Freightquote CH Robinson Worldwide $600m; 1,100ee $365m 12/1/14
Safety Mini Storage Storage Mart n/a n/a 11/25/14
Garry Gribble Running Sports The Running Specialty Group 70ee n/a 11/19/14
Life Insurance Buyers Anthem Management  n/a n/a 11/17/14
Dahl’s Foods Inc AWG $136.8m $4.8m 11/11/14
FishNet Security Accuvant 1,400ee combined merger 11/5/14
Elecsys Corp Lindsay Corp $30.4m; 135ee $70.5m 11/4/14
Overland Solutions EXL 750ee $53m 10/31/14
iModules Software Leeds Equity Partners 125ee n/a 10/14/14
Deffenbaugh Industries Waste Management/aPriori Capital Partners $85.1m/1,000ee n/a 10/7/14
Advanced Care AxelaCare n/a n/a 10/2/14
Bookkeeping Advisors Inc S&S Financial n/a n/a 10/1/14
Ochsner Hare & Hare Olsson Associates 10ee n/a 9/26/14
Douglas County Bank Metcalf Bank n/a n/a 9/24/14
Seon Safe Fleet n/a n/a 9/23/14
Teein VML 170ee n/a 9/22/14
Federal Office Products Pay-Less Office Products n/a n/a 9/22/14
MotoPed APT MotoVox n/a $200k cash + terms 9/12/14
Western Extralite Border States Electric $130m/250ee n/a 9/9/14
SETEX Products LLC SOR Inc. 9ee/$1.5m n/a 9/5/14
Flyover Capital Mariner Holdings n/a n/a 9/5/14
Acumen Energy (supply-side division) Brightergy LLC 18ee n/a 8/29/14
360 Architecture HOK $9m/180ee n/a 8/19/14
American Business Services Smith Electric Vehicles 1ee $340k 8/14/14
Trip Mate Arthur J. Gallagher $6.3m; 60ee n/a 8/8/14
VSR Group RCS Capital Corp 264ee n/a 8/8/14
Siemens Health Services Cerner Corp $1.2b $1.3b 8/5/14
Equity Bank – 2 branches TriCentury Bank n/a n/a 8/5/14
Barton Nelson Gill Studios 60ee n/a 8/4/14
Meridian Business Services Cillessen Financial LLC n/a merger 8/4/14
Allied Business Group Mariner Holdings LLC n/a n/a 8/1/14
Bank of Belton Metcalf Bank $45.2m assets n/a 7/30/14
MedTrack Envision Pharmaceuticals n/a n/a 7/31/14
Spencer Reed Group Elwood Staffing 37ee n/a 7/29/14
Kansas City Life Securities America 400ee n/a 7/21/14
Russell Stover Lindt $655mm; 2,700ee $1.5b 7/14/14
IMA Corporate Insurance Group 500ee before merger merger 7/10/14
Fusion Electronics Garmin n/a n/a 7/8/14
Specialty Fertilizer Products Verdesian Life Sciences 60ee n/a 7/2/14
Wise Choice Propane Ferrellgas Partners $1.2m n/a 7/1/14
TriVu Media Adknowledge n/a n/a 7/1/14
Kaw Valley Propane Ferrellgas Partners $2.2m n/a 6/17/14
Matson and Isom Kennedy and Coe K&C $33.8m, 275ee before merger merger 6/12/14
FireMon Insight Venture Partners 100ee n/a 6/11/14
Seelio PlattForm Advertising  n/a n/a 6/4/14
Liberty Bancshares Simmons First National n/a $206m 5/28/14
Alterra Bank First Business Financial 48ee $30.1 5/23/14
Capital West Bank ANB Bank $335k n/a 5/15/14
AlphaPointe Association for the Blind NYC Association for the Blind n/a merger 5/15/14
Community First Bancshares Simmons First National Corp n/a $243.4m 5/7/14
Viracor-IBT Labs Eurofins Scientific $80m; 270ee $255m 5/13/14
StoreFinancial LLC KC Investors n/a n/a 5/13/14
Three Dog Bakery Investor Group 40ee n/a 5/8/14
RGA Environmental Terracon Consultants 65ee n/a 5/5/14
Sable Environmental LLC Ferrellgas Partners LP n/a $124.7m 5/1/14
Hi-Pro Feeds Corn Scoular Co.  n/a n/a 4/30/14
Arsalon Technologies LLC DataBank Holdings Ltd 30ee n/a 4/30/14
Curley’s Famous Barbeque Sauces Garden Complements Inc n/a n/a 4/21/14
Housen Financial Group Mariner Wealth Advisors 13 n/a 4/28/14
NTR/Osage Wind Farm TradeWind Energy n/a $60mm 4/21/14
Endenburg B.V. WireCo WorldGroup n/a n/c 4/18/14
Novation Companies Sells StreetLinks Assurant Inc 400ee $60m+earnout 4/17/14
Neil O. Anderson & Assoc. Terracon Consultants Inc n/a n/a 4/15/14
Wolf Trax Inc Compass Minerals  n/a $85m 3/20/14
SchoolSpring Inc Netchemia LLC  na n/a 3/13/14
Town & Country Medical Therapy Support 30ee n/a 3/18/14
Cereal Food Processors Miller Milling & Pendelton Flour Mills n/a n/a 3/13/14
Simply Omega Agspring LLC n/a n/a 3/12/14
Organic ID Agspring LLC n/a n/a 3/12/14
General Mills Idaho Grain Operation Agspring LLC n/a n/a 3/3/14
Rail Logistics LC Federated Railway Inc n/a n/a 3/3/14
GTrust Financial Partners BOK Financial Group $600m in assets; 27 ee n/a 3/3/14
Bon Vital Performance Health Inc. (parent of Cramer Cos.) $1.6m; 14ee n/a 2/5/14
ARC Infusion AxelaCare Health Solutions $660k; 8ee n/a 2/5/14
Monster Media C3 Capital 35ee n/a 2/3/14
Lewis Birch & Ricardo CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann PC $10m; 58ee n/a 2/3/14
Cretcher Heartland LLC Power Group Cos. $25m merger 2/3/14
Nadia Cavner Group Lawing Financial n/a n/a 1/24/14
Boulevard Financial M Financial Group Inc n/a merger 1/15/14
Professional Information Ltd ProPharma n/a n/a 1/15/14
Strategic AR Solutions Brightree LLC $4m n/a 1/14/14
Beauty Brands Inc Unnamed PEG $115m; 1,850ee n/a 1/10/14
XIOLINK Cosentry $3.1m; 25ee n/a 1/8/14
TW Automation Pentrust Solutions n/a n/a 1/8/14
Mac Process Schenck AccuRate n/a merger 1/6/14
Leonard Street and Deinard Stinson Morrison Hecker 208ee merger 1/2/14
DynaGen  Technologies Inc (sold Vigilant product) Millbank Manufacturing Co n/a n/a 1/2/14
Beechcraft Textron $1.8b; 5,000ee $1.4b 12/27/13
WDAF-TV & Others Tribune Co $2.7b n/a 12/27/13
Sogeval Ceva Sante Animale $79.5m; 232ee n/a 12/23/13
Motor Propane Service Ferrellgas Partners LP $3.5m; 15ee n/a 12/23/13
ARC U.S. Physical Therapy $11.5m $36m 12/17/13
Stewart Enterprises Service Corp $524m; 4,800ee $1.1b 12/17/13
Rafuse Hill & Hodges Polsinelli PC n/a n/a 12/16/13
The Q Hotel + Spa Noble Investment Group $2.4m; 40ee n/a 12/13/13
FoamPro The Sterling Group n/a n/a 12/12/13
National Institute of Transportation (sold lab operations assets) Viracor-IBT n/a n/a 12/10/13
Newsy E.W. Scripps Co 35ee $35m 12/10/13
Dow Kokam LLC MBP Investors LLC $15.7m; 22ee n/a 12/6/13
RR Advisory Group LLC Mariner Wealth Advisors $1.9m; 15ee n/a 12/2/13
Metropolitan Bank Simmons First National Corp $991 assets $53.6m 11/26/13
KanGas Ferrellgas Partners LP n/a n/a 11/25/13
Biggs Gilmore VML $16.5m; 140ee n/a 11/21/13
Renzenberger Inc Hallcon Corp n/a merger 11/21/13
Wendy’s NPC International Inc n/a n/a 11/20/13
Outreach Education PlattForm Advertising n/a n/a 11/20/13
H&W Insurance Services Chris-Leef $880k; 8ee n/a 11/18/13
Eiko Global LLC Charter Oak Equity & Stephens Capital Partners n/a n/a 11/17/13
General Electric Co (sold air-filtration systems) Clarcor inc n/a $265m 11/5/13
American Petroleum Marketers MFA Oil n/a n/a 11/5/13
Oncimmune USA LLC HDL Inc n/a n/a 10/24/13
Morrill Bancshares Inc Heartland Financial USA Inc 16ee $55.4m 10/21/13
Four KC OBGYN Practices Mid America Physicians Services 4 practices merge 10/20/13
Vet Therapeutics Inc Aratana Therapeutics $110k; 3ee $30m cash; 14.7m stock; 5m conting. 10/18/13
TGB Investments (sold TruFlex Metal Hose) HBM Holdings n/a n/a 10/18/13
Curry Associates FirstService n/a n/a 10/18/13
Boulevard Brewing Co Duvel Moortgart $32m; 125ee n/a 10/17/13
IM2.0 VML 230ee n/a 10/15/13
Heart of America Surgery Center HCA $2.3m; 40ee n/a 10/14/13
Inergy LP Crestwood Midstream Partners LLP n/a merger $7b 10/8/13
Creative Marketing International Corp CM2 Holding Inc $8.7m; 130ee n/a 10/7/13
R-O-M The Sterling Group n/a merger 10/4/13
Southwest Bancorp (2 banks) Bank SNB n/a merger 10/3/13
Computers & Tele-Com Inc & KC Nap LLC IceWeb Inc n/a merger 10/3/13
Central Plains Advisors Freestate Advisors n/a n/a 9/26/13
Smithfield Foods Shuanghui International Holdings $13.2b $7.1b 9/24/13
Corporate Energy Consultants Henderson Engineers 15 ee n/a 9/17/13
Malin Berquist & Co LLP BKD LLP n/a n/a 9/17/13
Bushnell Group Holdings Alliant Techsystems Inc 1,000ee $985m 9/5/13
Summit Bancshares Commerce Bancshares n/a $44m 9/3/13
Missouri Gas Energy Laclede Gas Co 550ee $975m 9/3/13
MarketSphere LLC (sold Oracle Solutions division) Grant Thornton LLP n/a n/a 9/3/13
Whole Foods (sold 5 stores) Green Acres Markets n/a n/a 8/28/13
eWeatherRisk Inc The Andersons Inc n/a n/a 8/28/13
BATS Global Markets Direct Edge Holdings n/a merger 8/26/13
Unilever North America (sold Wish-Bone brand) Pinnacle Foods 200ee Wish-Bone $580m 8/12/13
U.S. Safety MCR Safety n/a n/a 8/9/13
Cramer Products Inc Performance Health Inc 15ee n/a 8/8/13
Mile Rail LLC The Andersons Inc $5m n/a 8/6/13
NAI Capital Realty Jones Lang LaSalle $230k; 4ee n/a 8/5/13
Citizens Bank Landmark National Bank n/a n/a 8/2/13
New England EnviroStrategies Terracon Consultants n/a n/a 7/24/13
Definitive Homecare Solutions LLC Mediware $2.2m; 20ee n/a 7/23/13
H&R Block (sold banking business) Republic Bank & Trust n/a n/a 7/11/13
Sprint Nextel SoftBank $35b $21.6b 7/10/13
Clearwire Corp Sprint Nextel Corp n/a $3.8b 7/9/13
Avon (sold Silpada line) Silpada Designs n/a  $85m 7/2/13
Mid America Transportation Apple Bus Co $91k; 125ee n/a 6/24/13
Integrated Document Solutions DataSource n/a n/a 6/24/13
Labriola Baking Co 4 PEGs led by Plaza Belmont Magement Group $160k; 2ee n/a 6/21/13
Fastrack Healthcare Systems Inc Mediware Information Systems Inc $5.8m; 51ee n/a 6/19/13
Husch Blackwell LLP Brown McCarroll LLP n/a merger 6/19/13
OHS-Compcare U.S. HealthWorks $170k; 2ee n/a 6/18/13
Dunkelberger Engineering & Testing Inc Terracon Consultants 60ee n/a 6/14/13
Vince & Associates The Altasciences Group $4.5m; 50ee n/a 5/14/13
MJD Media Ltd PlattForm Advertising n/a n/a 5/8/13
Coventry Health Care Aetna Inc $7.3b n/a 5/8/13
Valutrust Solutions LLC WFG lender Services n/a n/a 5/3/13
Tulsa National Bancshares CrossFirst Bank $150m n/a 4/18/13
Western Petroleum Ferrellgas Partners LP $88m; 235ee n/a 4/3/13
Mr. Bar-B-Q Ferrrellgas Partners LP n/a n/a 3/25/13
Fairbank Equipment Inc Great Range Capital $9.1m; 27ee n/a 2/4/13
Innovadex LLC Underwriters Laboratories $2.6m; 60ee n/a 1/18/13
Boulevard Financial M Financial n/a merger 1/15/13
Arrow Material Handling Products Group of PEG Firms $22m; 68ee n/a 1/11/13
The Leisch Cos Terracon Consultants n/a n/a 1/10/13
PlattForm Advertising  The Sterling Group $37.9m; 330ee n/a 1/9/13
College Park Family Care HCA Midwest Health Systems 30ee n/a 1/4/13