Original Juan Specialty Foods of Kansas City Sells to Spicin Foods, Inc.

Original Juan Specialty Foods of Kansas City is selling their business to Florida based Spicin Foods, Inc.

The announcement that Spicin Foods acquired the business and assets of Original Juan Specialty Foods was made April 13, 2018. The company is a manufacturer of sauces such as barbecue sauces, hot sauces, wing sauces, salsas, drink mixes and a variety of snack foods. Spicin has a stable of brands including Pain is Good, Stockyard, Fiesta, Da Bomb etc. and also co-packs products labelled with customer-owned brands.

Original Juan is known for their making their sauces in small batches called a Micro-Batch™ process. The Micro-Batch™ process is a manner of food manufacturing that allows a product to be kettle-cooked in small batches with an emphasis on quality and flavor. Original Juan Specialty Foods has trademarked the Micro-Batch™ process and brands each of their products with this special seal to highlight its commitment to producing “big flavor in small batches”.

Original Juan manufactures 150 products under 13 different brands.