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Old World Spices Partners with Head Country

Jul 07, 2021

Old World Spices and Seasonings has completed an investment and partnership with Head Country. Old World Spices is a developer and manufacturer of custom blended and packaged dry food products and seasonings. Head Country is an Oklahoma-based barbecue brand and sauce manufacturer.

“We couldn’t be more excited for our customers and employees to enter into this partnership with Old World Spices,” said Head Country CEO Rocky Flick.

“The Head Country and Old World partnership solidifies the platform as a barbecue and grilling category powerhouse, and we expect customers will benefit from this partnership as we bring complementary dry and wet capabilities and products together,” said Russell Meinhardt, chief executive officer of Old World Spices. “This is a significant step in our vision to become a leader in delivering exceptional taste.”

Richard Boos, chairman of Old World Spices and partner at Shore Capital, a private equity investor in the company, commented, “Shore is thrilled to add Head Country to our Old World ingredients platform. We look forward to partnering with management to continue growing the Head Country business and the platform to provide unmatched customer service and authentic tastes to the market.”

Dun & Bradstreet estimates that Old World Spices generates about $12.4 million in annual revenue. Companywide, it employs about 150 people.