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NextPage Acquires Print Big Solutions

Apr 29, 2015

Kansas City, MO-based Print Big Solutions has been purchased by NextPage. NextPage is a printing and marketing firm that was created from the 2013 merger of Mail Print, Graphic Services Printing and L&L Manufacturing.

NextPage made significant investments in the past two years that included investing $3 million in new equipment and $5 million to expand its facility. With this new acquisition, NextPage will expand into the large-format printing segment to produce products that include window graphics, large signage banners and wall paper.

NextPage CEO, Gina Danner, indicated that the company plans to expand its facility in the Hunt Midwest Subtropolis, and will relocate from its current 4,000-square-foot location to an 11,000-square-foot facility at Hunt Midwest. The new location is expected to quadruple the company’s production capacity.

“As we looked at the customers, they (Print Big Solutions) served and the customers we served, there was not a huge overlap,” Danner said. “So, it gives us the opportunity to sell NextPage’s other services to the Big Print customers, as well as expand the offerings that NextPage can offer its customers.”

Danner also stated that Print Big Solutions’ owner and employees will be retained. Joe Duffy, president and owner of Print Big Solutions, said, “With their continued investment strategy and active leadership, NextPage is the place to be if you are in the marketing or printing industry. I’m excited NextPage will be able to lead Print Big clients to the next evolution of marketing service in a seamless and well-planned manner.”

Terms of the sale were not disclosed.