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MDL Technology Acquires Tier3

Dec 08, 2015

MDL Technology, a managed services and IT firm based in Kansas City, MO, will acquire Tier3 solutions Group for $210,000. Tier3 is based in Olathe, KS, and specializes in IT management solutions.

Mark Dryer and wife Lori formed MDL Technology about 12 years ago, providing help with cloud computing, security, data backups and other services to businesses and government agencies. The company now has 12 employees and serves a wide variety of clients.

Dyer had been looking for a tech company to acquire, and was pleased to find a local firm.

“They were just a good fit four our company,” Dryer said. “They offered similar services in the IT industry and they have a good employee base and customer base.”

MDL gained two employees with the acquisition, as well as 30 new clients that are mostly located in the Midwest. A bulk of the new clients are in the medical, security and construction industries. The acquisition also gives MDL opportunities to cross-sell to customers and tap into phone system sales and support.

During the past three years, MDL posted a 30-35% revenue growth.