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Lumeta Corporation Sells to Tech-Based FireMon

May 29, 2018

FireMon LLC. of Overland Park, KS, a global leader in network security policy management, announced the company has reached an agreement to purchase Lumeta Corporation, a leader in cyber situational awareness for delivering complete real-time visibility into the extended network and across all connected endpoints.

FireMon created the network security policy management market nearly 20 years ago. However, in today’s dynamic environment where new devices, cloud resources and other assets can join, depart and move within a network at any moment, it can be difficult to achieve full cyber situational awareness. Security teams often struggle to identify all assets on their network and understand how they are connected and how they communicate in real-time. And, for enterprises and government agencies with large-scale network operations that extend into the cloud, this challenge is significantly magnified.

“Companies typically face two major security challenges: 1) identifying the applications and assets on their network and 2) solving the people and process issues that lead to security vulnerabilities. The Lumeta acquisition provides a path for customers to discover previously unknown, rogue and shadow IT networks and assets, and then leverage FireMon’s capabilities to manage policies and implement security controls across heterogeneous security infrastructure. Together, FireMon and Lumeta provide a powerful one-two punch that results in more effective and efficient security that reduces risk while providing stronger compliance.” – Satin Mirchandani, CEO, FireMon

Lumeta’s technology solves this problem by discovering, mapping and analyzing all enterprise connectivity, both on-premise and in the cloud. This continuous identification of new devices, routers, cloud connectivity and more, enables FireMon customers to extend the capabilities of the FireMon platform to previously unknown network elements and cloud resources. This reduces enterprise attack surfaces and exposes elements and activity that represent a security risk.

The addition of Lumeta’s technology advances FireMon’s mission: to improve security through the implementation of intent-based security. Intent-based security bridges the traditional gap between business and security by enabling business owners and DevOps teams to determine the business intent of applications (and the related security and compliance requirements) and automating the generation of rules required to enforce that intent. The FireMon platform accomplishes this by translating business language to the language spoken by the variety of firewalls, UTMs, load balancers, etc. in corporate environments. This results in more effective and compliant security, while allowing DevOps teams to focus on growing the business.

Lumeta’s technology will enable FireMon customers to extend intent-based security to on-premise and cloud assets that were previously unknown and ensure the right security measures are in place in an automated way utilizing an organization’s existing security infrastructure.  This will result in significantly improved security without adding an operational burden on security teams.

“We look forward to working with FireMon to help its significant customer base overcome traditional challenges associated with network visibility, security policy compliance and securing today’s hybrid cloud environments.” – Reggie Best, president and chief product officer, Lumeta

The acquisition, which is subject to customary closing conditions, is expected to be completed within the second quarter of 2018. Upon closing of the transaction, FireMon intends to continue operating Lumeta as a stand-alone business, while infusing additional resources to accelerate Lumeta’s continued technology development and integration with FireMon. Reggie Best will continue as Lumeta’s president and serve on the Executive Leadership team at FireMon.