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Lineage Capital Invests in Worldwide Steel Buildings

Sep 15, 2022

Peculiar, MO-based Worldwide Steel Buildings, a leading designer, engineer, and manufacturer of custom, steel pre-engineered buildings announced a partial sale or Recap with Lineage Capital. Recap provided co-owners with significant liquidity, continued board control, and an experienced partner to support future growth.

"Lineage’s unique partnership approach and experience scaling businesses really resonated with me as I considered Worldwide’s future. I quickly appreciated our strong alignment on core values, including a commitment to culture and growth, making Lineage the right partner for me and my team," said Jeff Snell, CEO and Owner of Worldwide Steel Buildings.

"Lineage seeks businesses with compelling value propositions, proven owner-managers, and exciting growth opportunities, and Worldwide Steel Buildings squarely hit that mark. We are very excited to partner with Jeff and his team, and we look forward to playing a role in the next chapter of the company’s impressive growth story," stated Nick Schmiemann of Lineage Capital.

About Worldwide Steel Buildings

Worldwide Steel Buildings designs, engineers, and manufactures steel pre-engineered buildings, including barndominiums, garages, storage units, residential sheds, barns, and shelters, and industrial facilities. The Company sells through a robust ecommerce platform and provides unmatched customization of high-quality and cost-effective products, shipping direct to residential, industrial, and agricultural customers nationwide.