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emfluence buys Spiral16 Business

Jun 25, 2015

Kansas City, MO-based digital marketing company emfluence has acquired Spiral16, an Overland Park, KS firm that specializes in online listening and sentiment monitoring.

emfluence is a full-service digital marketing agency and owns the emfluence Marketing Platform. The platform is designed for marketers to create, deploy and track their integrated digital marketing campaigns. It includes features for email marketing, social media posting, landing pages, forms, lead nurturing surveys, and now online listening powered by Spiral16. emfluence takes an integrated approach to digital, involving email, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, e-Commerce, web development and social media.

“Our goal is to constantly be adding to our marketing stack,” said David Cacioppo, emfluence’s CEO. “In this case, an opportunity to integrate new technology into our existing digital marketing platform turned into something bigger.”

The two companies had been working together over the past year to integrate Spiral16’s analytics tools into emfluence’s services.

“During the process, we realized there was a bigger opportunity for combining the two powerful platforms,” Cacioppo said. “It adds to the emfluence suite of tools and will take Spiral16 from operating in a narrow marketing technology niche to becoming part of a broader array of digital marketing tools.”

Earlier this week, the Spiral16 team moved their offices to emfluence’s downtown Kansas City offices.

O’Keeffe & O’Malley represented emfluence in the acquisition.