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DIT-MCO Sells Business

Jan 07, 2016

Kansas City, MO-based DIT-MCO International Corp has sold its business to two private equity groups. DIT-MCO is a designer and manufacturer of high voltage electronics testing equipment and complex wiring harnesses for the aerospace industry. Equipment produced by the company has been used on Atlas, Polaris and Titan missiles, the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft, the space shuttle and nearly every aircraft used by the military. The company began in 1948 making equipment for drive-in theaters.

Two private equity groups teamed up to make the purchase: Capital For Business, Inc. (owned by Commerce Bancshares, Inc. in Kansas City) and Sage Capital in St. Louis.

DIT-MCO’s president, Richard Thompson will retire after the acquisition. All other employees are expected to stay.

Terms of the acquisition were not released.