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Beyond the Score Sells Business

Jul 29, 2016

Kansas City, MO-based Beyond the Scores has been acquired by SportsEngine. Beyond the Scores is a high-end software and services company that organizes the world’s athletic information. The company has 1,500 gymnastics organization customers.

SportsEngine was founded in 2008, and provides Sport Life Management web software and mobile applications for youth, amateur, and professional sports. The company provides 500,000 sports teams, leagues, clubs and associations with a complete suite of tools to manage, connect and communicate with athletes, parents, administrators, coaches, referees, scouts, volunteers, fans, journalists, sponsors, and more.

“Beyond the Scores has mastered the technology needed to manage competitions in subjectively scored sports and is a true leader in the sport of gymnastics,” said Justin Kaufenberg, co-founder and chief executive officer at SportsEngine. “Subjectively scored sports represent one of the largest sport markets, and bringing the experience and talent from Beyond the Scores team positions us to not only enter into this space, but have a great head start.”

Thousands of sports organizations have chosen SportsEngine to run their online registration, websites, tournaments, leagues and mobile apps. Through these applications, clubs and leagues are able to drastically reduce the time they spend on administration and provide tools that help sports organizations manage, connect, and communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders. More than half a million teams, clubs, leagues and associations around the world are powered by SportsEngine, including the PGA, USA Hockey and the USL. The Minneapolis-based company also provides its services to teams across the MLS, NBA, MLB and NHL.

“Simply put, by joining SportsEngine, we’ll be able to leverage their platform resources, customer service, and account management teams to provide an even better experience for our customers,” added Mike Zimmerman, chief executive officer at Beyond the Scores. “Our mission has always been to provide a comprehensive and fully connected software platform to manage and score competitions for the sports world. Gymnastics has been our proving ground and stronghold for showcasing some of the most advanced web and mobile applications for subjectively scored sports on the planet. With SportsEngine, we’ll be able to accelerate our unified mission by benefiting some deeper integration with their platform registration, risk management, and payment processing services.”

Mr. Zimmerman will continue to lead Beyond the Scores from their Kansas City, MO headquarters. Beyond the Scores will continue to develop and support their entire suite of products, which actively services 1,500 gymnastics clubs and events.

“In addition to a great suite of products for subjectively scored sports, Beyond the Scores has extensive experience in profile management and data security, which is an important feature for the millions of athletes who use SportsEngine,” added Angie Franks, chief marketing officer at SportsEngine.