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Kansas City EyeVerify Sells to Ant Financial

Sep 13, 2016

Ant Financial Services Group, the world’s leading online and mobile financial services provider and operator of Alipay, today announced the acquisition of Kansas City-based EyeVerify, Inc., the creator of Eyeprint IDTM, a patented, secure mobile eye verification technology. The acquisition furthers Ant Financial’s mission to increase user trust and safety in financial transactions worldwide and allows EyeVerify to draw on greater resources to advance its technology.

EyeVerify will also continue to grow its global customer base, and aims to provide financial institutions worldwide with the identity and authentication technology they need to expand their services and meet the needs of increasingly mobile customers.

“Ant Financial’s vision to turn trust into wealth for small and micro enterprises as well as consumers worldwide resonates deeply with our own core mission,” said Toby Rush, founder and CEO of EyeVerify. “Our payment-grade biometric platform is already trusted by over three dozen banks and technology leaders, and we look forward to helping even more people across the financial spectrum access digital services with security and convenience.”

Eyeprint ID eliminates the need for traditional authentication methods like passwords by transforming an ordinary selfie into a “key” that protects consumers’ digital lives, including their mobile transactions. It is highly accurate, easy to use, and prevents spoof attacks with proprietary technology that can recognize the difference between a real person and an image or video.