A&E Mfg Bought by Bennett - O'Keeffe and O'Malley

A&E Mfg Bought by Bennett

Sep 09, 2015

A&E Custom Manufacturing, headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, has been acquired by Bennett Tool & Die of Nashville, Tennessee. A&E is a provider of tool and die, stamping, welding and fabricating services. Products include motor mounts, electronics fixtures, street light posts and more.

A&E was founded in 1959 as a tool and die business that offered stamping dies for manufacturing companies in the automotive and housing industries. The company has advanced technology over the years and now competes in the global marketplace with high-tech lasers and robotics. A&E will continue to operate at its current Kansas City location and little is expected to change.

Bennett Tool & Die, a contract tooling and metal stamping supplier serves the locomotive, electrical, appliance, watercraft and ATV industries. It is owned by four venture capital firms. The company expects A&E’s experience in the metal fabrication market to allow it to reach a broader market.