Adknowledge Acquires TriVu Media - O'Keeffe and O'Malley

Adknowledge Acquires TriVu Media

Jul 01, 2014

Kansas City-based Adknowledge has bought the business of New York-based TriVu Media. TriVu Media, founded in 2012, helps marketers target advertising on YouTube. The company offers demand-side platforms, trading desks and other access to a database which stores valuable information about video ads. This data can determine where a video is viewed (above or below the fold), the level of engagement, adjacent content, the kind of device used to view the video, and much more.

Adknowledge is a digital marketing company that specializes in social media, video, apps and mobile, content recommendation and email. TriVu Media was its second acquisition on the online video space since March.

The selling price was not disclosed.