Top 25 Most Desirable Businesses Sought After By Buyers*

March 2017

  1. Consumer products and services 
  2. Healthcare products and services 
  3. Industrial services 
  4. Building materials 
  5. Fire protection and systems 
  6. Agricultural products and services 
  7. Niche manufacturing 
  8. Technology products and services 
  9. Big data/analytics 
  10. Food and beverage manufacturers 
  11. Outsourced professional services 
  12. Senior care/retirement/assisted living 
  13. Business service companies 
  14. Engineering services 
  15. Logistics, transportation and warehousing 
  16. Pharmaceutical 
  17. Retail 
  18. Automotive products and services 
  19. Specialty chemicals and materials 
  20. Environmental services 
  21. Security/fraud protection 
  22. Software companies 
  23. Aerospace, military and defense businesses
  24. Communication and marketing services 
  25. Educational products and services 

Increased interest   Decreased interest New to the list   (Blank) no change

* Private equity groups, corporations, and high net worth individuals have contacted O’Keeffe & O’Malley in the last 60 days with their investment criteria. The list is ranked in order by the number of interested parties in each type of business segment. Size, earnings, and other criteria have been left out. For specific details on these buyers please contact O’Keeffe & O’Malley at 913.648.0185.